Looking to improve recruiting & retention of women drivers?

The Women In Trucking Association teamed up with TransForce, a leading provider for CDL Driver marketing, recruitment, staffing and retention solutions, to conduct a survey benchmarking and exploring the recruiting experience of female professional truck drivers.

How to Unlock Success in Recruiting and Retaining Female Drivers

In this whitepaper, essential research initiatives and key comparative insights from TransForce’s 2022 Driver Insights report are outlined, which covers:


  • Areas of interest and concern for female professional driver applicants, including what can be done to help women drivers manage life on the road.

  • What are the most important benefits when choosing a truck driving job, and what type of information do they expect to see on a job posting as compared to their male counterparts?

  • What driver applicants look for in a job search platform (i.e., job search websites, mobile apps, etc.)

  • Insights on the experiences professional drivers have when seeking a new job opportunity.


Let us know if you have specific questions on this original research.